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If you believe your PULSE card or PIN has been lost or stolen or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, call Tradition Bank at 713.666.2511 or 800.554.8969 (24 Hours).


Service Fee
Card Re-Order Fees (first card is free)  
          ATM VISA $3
          VISA CheckCard  $10
          VISA CheckCard Rush Re-Order  At Cost
Daily Withdrawal Limits  
          ATM Card  $400
          VISA CheckCard  $500
Transaction Fees  
          POS (Point of Sale) Free
          Tradition Bank ATMs ( Free
          Other ATMs: Withdrawal/Transfer $1.50 each
                    Balance Inquiry $1
                    Surcharge by Owners At Cost












Safe Deposit Box Fees*

Box Size / Service** Fee
Rental (fees are per year; box sizes may vary by banking center)  
          3 x 5 $20
          3 x 10 $40
          5 x 5 $40
          5 x 10 $60
          10 x 10 $120
          Key Deposit (refundable) $25
          Late Payment $10
Lost Key(s)  
          1 Key $25  
          Both Keys (box drilled & key deposit forfeit) $150











*Box contents are not insured by Tradition Bank or the FDIC.


Bookkeeping Fees

Service Fee
Charge Back $5 per item*
Stop Payment Charge $25 per item*
Overdraft $30.00 per item*
Returned Item $30.00 per item*
Funds Transfer (Cash Link or called-in-request) $3 per transfer
Customer Balance Inquiry $1 per inquiry after 3
Hold Mail S/C $7.50 per month/statement
Levy / Freeze Order $50 plus copy cost
Other Legal Orders vary, based on the extent of the orders
Account Verification Letter $5 each
Account Reconciliation $60
Statement Printout, current period $3 per statement
Photocopies of Checks, current period $2 per check
Account Research, previous periods $25 per hour ($12.50 minimum) plus
                    Statement Printout $3 per statement
                    Photocopies of Checks $2 per check
                    Photocopies of Checks $75 per CD, unlimited number of checks















 *These items may be created by checks, ACHs, other withdrawal right, etc.

Teller Fees

Service Fee
Cashier's Check, customers $5 each
Cashier's Check, non-customers 1% ($10 minimum)
Money Order, customers $2 each
Money Order, non-customers $3 each
Bank Draft, customers $5 each
Bank Draft, customers $10 each
Travelers Checks for One 1% of amount
Travelers Checks for Two 2% of amount
Zipper Bags $5 each
Lock Bags $30 each
Currency Strapping, commercial accounts $1 per strap
Coin Strapping $0.10 per roll
Collection Item - Outgoing $15 each*
Collection Item - Incoming $15 each*
Collection Item - Foreign Item $25 each*














*Plus applicable correspondent bank charge.


Wire fees (customers only)

Service Fee
(service reserved for customers)  
Domestic Incoming $5 each
Domestic Outgoing $15 each
International Incoming $25 each
International Outgoing $25 each*






 *Plus applicable correspondent bank charge.

New Account Fees

Service Fee
Check Printing cost as ordered
Temporary Checks $0.50 each
Account Closing  
          New Account Closed within 30 Days $20
          New Account Closed within 90 Days $10
Fax - local, customers $1 per page
Fax - local, non-customers $2.50 per page
Fax - non-local, customers $1.50 per page
Fax - non-local, non-customer $3.50 per page
Photocopies , customers $1 per page after 3
Photocopies, non-customers $2 per page
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