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Our new Mobile Access Banking lets you view account information in an instant, and best of all, it is Simple and Secure. Mobile phone banking makes banking available on your terms - quick and easy. You can access balance information, transfer funds, view account history, check transaction detail and verify account details.

Tradition Bank now offers mobile phone banking on any web-enabled mobile device to all Online Banking customers. If you have access to the Web on your mobile phone or web-enabled mobile device, your banking will be easy, fast and convenient.

Best of all, Tradition Bank's Mobile Access Banking service is free*, secure and lets you manage your accounts wherever and whenever you want. Get more information about Mobile Access Banking or try it now and see for yourself just how easy it is to bank on the go at your convenience.

Mobile Access Banking Login Page

Type the following URL into your Web-enabled mobile device. Remember to save it to your favorites:

For More Information

Features of Mobile Access Banking

As an Online Banking customer, you can use Mobile Access Banking to:

  • Access your checking, savings, loan and other accounts with Tradition Bank.
  • Transfer funds immediately to any other Tradition Bank account.


Mobile Access Banking Security

  • Your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access.


Important Details and Security Tips

Before using Mobile Access Banking, please note:

  • Information such as account numbers may appear truncated on the screen of your web-enabled mobile device or phone.

  • All transfer accounts must be set up in Online Banking prior to making transfers in Mobile Access Banking.

  • All terms and conditions applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Access Banking.
  • You may be charged access rates depending on your carrier. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges for Web or data plans.
  • Password-protect your mobile device and lock your device when it is not in use. Keep your mobile device in a safe location. Frequently delete text messages from your financial institutions on your mobile device, especially if they contain sensitive information.
  • Never disclose personal identifying information about your accounts via a text message, such as account numbers, passwords or any combination of information that can be used to steal your identity.
  • If you change your mobile number or lose your mobile phone, immediately contact the bank at (713) 666-2511 to change the details of your Mobile Access Banking profile.
  • Do not hack or modify your device, as this will leave it susceptible to infection from a virus or Trojan. When possible, install mobile security software on your device (if it's available).

  • Be aware that malware exists and fraudulent applications will continue to pop up.   Don't download applications onto your phone without checking them out first. Verify the legitimacy of an application before downloading it to your Smartphone - verify that the app publisher or seller is legitimate, only use trusted web sites to download applications.

  • Monitor your financial records and accounts on a regular basis and consider having electronic alerts on account activity sent to your e-mail or mobile device. Regularly review your statements with online banking. This will enable you to spot any suspicious activity.



  • You may be charged access rates depending on your carrier. Web access or mobile data plan from your carrier  is needed to use Tradition Bank Mobile Access Banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges your carrier may charge for Web access or data plan they offer.


Mobile Access Banking: Frequently Asked Questions

Tradition Bank Mobile Access Banking lets you view account information in an instant.

No banking center nearby?  No computer handy? No problem at all!  Your money is as close as your cell phone.  Tradition Bank offers free Mobile Access Banking. Transfer funds, view account info and more.

Use any web-enabled mobile device, anytime, anywhere. Just type into the device's web browser.  Use the same Access ID and Passcode as your online banking login, and you're ready to go on the go!

  1. What is Mobile Access Banking?

    Our Mobile Access Banking service will give you instant connectivity to your accounts anytime, anywhere using the browser on your mobile device service. Our Mobile Access allows you to access account details, history and check account balances. In addition, Mobile Access Banking will allow you to make immediate internal transfers.

  2. Will Mobile Access Banking work on all mobile devices?

    Tradition Bank's Mobile Access Banking product is a browser-based application that is available from any mobile device enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet access. The streamlined Internet banking pages and functions are designed for mobile browser access.

  3. What type of accounts can I access with Mobile Access Banking?

    Our Mobile Access Banking service allows you to access any of your accounts available for access within Internet Banking.

  4. Is the Tradition Bank Mobile Access Banking service secure?

    Mobile Access Banking offers the same security features and protections that are applied to Tradition Bank's Internet Banking product, including dual authentication. Plus, your security question may be asked to ensure the protection of your privacy. 

    Note: Always remember to log off when finished.

  5. How do I access Mobile Access Banking?

    You simply type in your mobile device's Web browser to access our site.

  6. Do I need to enroll to use Access Banking?

    The Mobile Access Banking requires no enrollment or applications to download.   Once you access through your mobile browser, you will be prompted to log in.  Use the access ID and password you use to access your Internet Banking account.

  7. After how many incorrect logon attempts will Mobile Access Banking be locked?

    Your Mobile Access Banking access will be locked after the third invalid Access Code and Password entry. If you lock yourself out of Mobile Access Banking, you will also be locked out of Online Banking.

  8. Can my Mobile Access Banking session time out?

    Yes, just like your Internet Banking session using a computer, your mobile browser session will time out after 10 minutes. Please ensure you are active on the site after you've logged on.

  9. How much does it cost?

    At this time, there is no fee to use or access our Mobile Access Banking service.   Check with your carrier or wireless provider for more information about fees associated with accessing the Internet.

  10. Is Bill Pay available through the Access Banking service?

    No, Bill Pay is not available at this time.

  11. I lost my mobile phone. Whom should I notify at Tradition Bank?

    If your phone is lost or stolen, please immediately call customer service at (713) 666-2511>. We will temporally disable your Internet/Access Banking profile to prevent unauthorized access. We will require you to change your password.  You will want to monitor your accounts via Online Banking for any unusual account activity. If you suspect any fraud contact us immediately.

  12. Does the Mobile Access Banking service work in other languages?

    This service is currently only available in English.


Call: (713) 666-2511 or  Email:



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