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Additional Services

Service Fee
Card Re-Order Fees (first card is free)  
          ATM Card $3
          VISA Debit Card  $10
          VISA Debit Card Rush Re-Order  At Cost
Daily Withdrawal Limits  
          ATM Card  $400
          VISA Debit Card  $500
Transaction Fees  
          POS (Point of Sale) Free
          Tradition Bank ATMs Free
          Other ATMs: Withdrawal/Transfer $1.50 each
                    Balance Inquiry $1
                    Surcharge by Owners At Cost

Safe Deposit Box Fees*

Box Size / Service Fee
Rental (fees are per year; box sizes may vary by banking center) 
          3 x 5 $20
          3 x 10 $40
          5 x 5 $40
          5 x 10 $60
          10 x 10 $120
          Key Deposit (refundable) $25
          Late Payment $10
Lost Key(s)  
          1 Key $25 
          Both Keys (box drilled & key deposit forfeit) $150

 *Box contents are not insured by Tradition Bank or the FDIC.

Bookkeeping Fees

Service Fee
Charge Back $5 per item*
Stop Payment Charge $25 per item*
Overdraft $35.00 per item*
Returned Item $35.00 per item*
Funds Transfer (Cash Link or called-in-request) $3 per transfer
Customer Balance Inquiry $1 per inquiry after 3
Hold Mail S/C $7.50 per month/statement
Levy / Freeze Order / Garnishments $100 plus cost
Other Legal Orders vary, based on the extent of the orders
Account Verification Letter $5 each
Account Reconciliation $60
Statement Printout, current period $3 per statement
Photocopies of Checks, current period $2 per item
Account Research, previous periods $25 per hour ($12.50 minimum) plus
                    Statement Printout $3 per statement
                    Photocopies (Prints) $2 per item
                    Photocopies (Digital) $75 per CD (First 500 items, $0.15 per additional image)

  *These items may be created by checks, ACHs, other withdrawal right, etc.

Teller Fees

Service Fee
Cashier's Check, customers $5 each
Cashier's Check, non-customers 1% ($10 minimum)
Zipper Bags $5 each
Lock Bags $30 each
Currency Strapping, commercial accounts $1 per strap
Coin Strapping $0.10 per roll
Collection Item - Outgoing $15 each*
Collection Item - Incoming $15 each*
Collection Item - Foreign Item $25 each*

 *Plus applicable correspondent bank charge.

 Wire fees (customers only)

Service Fee
(service reserved for customers)  
Domestic Incoming $8 each
Domestic Outgoing $15 each
International Incoming $25 each
International Outgoing $25 each*

 *Plus applicable correspondent bank charge.

New Account Fees

Service Fee
Check Printing cost as ordered
Temporary Checks $0.50 each
Account Closing  
          New Account Closed within 30 Days $20
          New Account Closed within 90 Days $10
Fax - local, customers $1 per page
Fax - local, non-customers $2.50 per page
Fax - non-local, customers $1.50 per page
Fax - non-local, non-customer $3.50 per page
Photocopies , customers $1 per page after 3
Photocopies, non-customers $2 per page